"SKC is constantly asked about what products and techniques they use to achieve a superb finished product. This section is a short rundown on some of the products they use. These products are what they feel are the best. SKC Customz is frequented by several product representatives who allow them to demo the equipment and products. I think that a man needs the right tool to get the job done right anyway."


Iwata HP-C

Iwata HP-SB

Iwata CM-B

Iwata LPH-300 Base Coat

Iwata/Air Gunza AZ3HV

The Iwata LPH-300.  This spray gun was created mainly for spraying basecoat, metallics, pearls and candies. This is fantastic piece of equipment. I've put it to the test with many of the hard colors to shot. I was able to spray a silver (HOK Orion Silver) and had complete coverage in 2 coats. No modeling or zebra striping. I highly recommend this spray gun. You will notice the smaller cup, this gun atomizes so well at 14lbs there is very little airbourne waste.

The Iwata/Air Gunza is another great new product. This spray gun is used for Primer and Single Stage paint. The 1.5 set up lays even thick primer like DP Epoxy flat. Great starting point for all you custom painters.

We could write a novel on different paints and techniques, but we won't. Not one type of paint or technique will work for everyone. This is just a short rundown on what works best for us. First we'll start with primers. Prior to the final blocking to get the surface perfectly straight we use a high build primer. We use PPG K-36. After blocking we seal the project with an epoxy primer/sealer. PPG's DP-48 LF or Matrix Systems MP-450. The MP-450 works as good if not better than DP-48, at about half the price. We do this on every job to lock everything down and guarantee the paint will not lift off. We prefer the basecoat/clearcoat system. PPG's Deltron DMD/DBC system is our most used. We prefer this system to a reactive reducer system more for workability and a longer window. They also don't clog or spit through an airbrush. The paints dry fast enough to tape on them within 15 minutes. We like the PPG toners the best for their brilliance in color and how you can manipulate them. Matrix System now has a direct replacement system for PPG's toners and a more reasonable price. We've only tried a few colors so far, but were very pleased with them. For most candies, pearls and metallics we use Xotic Colours exclusively.  For special colors with more intensity we use , X-OTIC COLOURS (Better than House Of Kolor) and Matrix's new FX line. House Of Kolor paint lays down extremely well. They make incredible beautiful and vibrant candies, pearls and tri-coat colors. Like most painters, we are also very fond of their Marbalizer for special effects. We also exclusively use Xotic's Striping Urethanes. We put all our striping under the clear and unlike 1-Shot, they won't wrinkle.
 Onto Clear Coats. We've demonstrated almost every clear made. We feel that Matrix Systems clear is hands down the best. We can get a show finish with MS-42 and MS-20 like no other. It's extremely workable, water clear (no amber cast) and has a gloss factor that no other compares to. We can not say enough good things about this clear. If you liked PPG's 2020 you'll love Matrix MS-20. It was originally made as a direct replacement for 2020 and is available for a considerably lower cost. We feel that the Matrix MS-42 plays a very significant role in our award winning jobs. Jobs that we've done over two years ago still look as wet and glossy as the day they left the shop. NO DYE-BACK. Three coats will level even the highest step between graphics. UPDATE: During the warmer months we have switched to PPG's DCB-100. This clear atomizes and flows out so nice, we've cut our colorsand/buff time in half.

Iwata HP-BH Hi-Line

I use all Iwata Airbrushes. You know the saying about using the right tool for the job. The HP-B has been my workhorse for yeras. I feel it is the most versital in the bunch. For detailed illustrations I use the new HP-BH Hi-Line.

Spray guns are probably the single most important piece of equipment you will purchase. You don't want to penny pinch here. A cheap gun is just that and although you can get a decent job done with some, you will also have a lot more finishing work to do than needed. We've tested almost every brand name and model. Iwata is hands down the best. They're superb atomization is unmatched. The new LPH-400 is incredible. We highly recommend this gun. The 1.3 - 1.4 set up lays the best clear finish. The Iwata LPH-400 produces optimum material flow and quick surface coverage with very thin film build up. It also has extraordinary metallicand pearl control. No mottling, clouding or striping. Other spray guns we use for graphics and bases are the Iwata LPH-300, Iwata LPH-80 and the Iwata LPH-400LVX. 
For illustrations, we use only the best airbrushes. IWATA is the best for fine detail and hold up to automotive solvents. We use HP-B Hi-Line, HP-SB, HP-C and the Custom Micron-B.

The Iwata LPH-400 cannot be beat for applying todays clear coats. The exclusive tip eliminates dry shot created from the outside of the fan pattern.
 The Iwata LPH-400 LVX is the ultimate gun for spraying metallics and pearls.