This was an idea that I just had to do. Here in Lake Havasu flashing ones boobs on the lake is very popular. So much so that the police started writing tickets for the act. The girls beat the law by wearing pasties over thier nipples. My demented mind thought "What if I can airbrush a bikini that they could be completely covered up but look as if they were nude?" Cool idea huh! Well, my twisted imagination went on step further and made it "Explicit". Girls don't spread your legs with this one on. Could get you in trouble. In more ways than one.

Airbrushed Bikinis are not for everyone....just those of us who want to stand out from everyone else. SKC Customz can airbrush your cotton Bikini to fit your personality or match it to your boat graphics. Anything is possible. I'mgoing to get on to fit me.. with skulls and blood splats, lol. .... Cali

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