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This section is for those customers who request seeing the progress of the job while at SKC Customz.  It is also a place for returning vistors to see what was completed since their last visit to

I've spent the last month on it to make sure the car is perfectly straight and every gap is a perfect 1/8" in width. This picture was taken during its final primer (of 3) and final block sanding (first with 220 grit and finalized with 320 grit).
The car was then sealed with PPG DP Epoxy Primer Sealer (grey). Here is a photo of the car in the spray booth. The base color was applied next. I used Xotics Colours "Shinee Gold" (light version).

I took a photo of the car and drew out my graphics. Here I'm laying out the design.

I shot the graphic 2 shades darker gold than the light base gold.
Airbrushing a design within the graphic using transparent red oxcide
This will let the gold metallic base show through the design. The next step will be applying Candee Apple Red over the graphic.
The idea is to make the airbrushing screen back and become very subtle after the candee goes over it. The graphic should be barely visible (unless up close) when done.
Wrapping the graphic to the inside of the car. All door jambs are match.
Applying only two coats of applee red candee. </DI
I stopped at two coats of candee because I wanted a lighter shade of red than the roof and didn't want to kill out the airbrushing.
Adding the lower pinstriping.
A close up of the first graphic.
The outer gold pinstripe 3/4" away from the graphic.

The graphics were carried through the entire motor compartment.

In the spray booth getting ready for clear coat.

Four coats of PPG's High Solids 2021 clear were applied.

The front clip.

Pinstripes were carried through the grill. I had to paint one vien at a time.

The interior of the car was painted to match the outside.

Over 80 hours of color sanding and buffing.

The doors needed to be removed once again to carry the graphics to the front jambs.

Inner front of the doors.

The rear end was painted to match the car.

Graphics were added to the underside of the hood.