09/23/02 John Hughes' 28' Magic Desck Boat added to Boat Gallery and is the current Featured Web Site Custom.

10/01/02 Motley Crue "Theatre Of Pain" Guitar added to Guitar Gallery.

10/08/02 We were notified by House Of Kolor as being one of the twelve winners in the Prestigious Painter Awards, for outstanding work. Our winning entry is in the HOK 2003 Calendar. You will also be seeing our work in HOK advertisements and on display in the HOK booth in either Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

10/12/02 "Kiss My American Ass" Helmet added to Helmet Gallery

What's Been Happening At SKC CUSTOMZ

About Us

01/15/03 We decided to start the new year off with a bang. We've changed our company name from SKC's Cutting Edge Designs to SKC CUSTOMZ. We're still the same company with the same (if not better) great paint. We just wanted a shorter and more recognizable name.

01/28/03 B.C. Rich Ironbird added to the guitar gallery. This was done with the new (and experimental) custom effect chemical "Crystals". Sorry, still trying to get some good pics to show the effect.


See the House Of Kolor
Calendar Shot

01/30/03 Suzuki "SPIDERMAN" added to the Motorcycle Gallery. This bike is still in the works. The customer needs to save up a few more pennies to finish it, lol. Sorry Todd, had to say it.

Street Bike



02/10/03 1947 Custom Caddy "Pink Panther" added to the Auto Gallery.

Transparent Flames

The Guys have been really kicking butt for the past few months. Besides painting, Steven has been writing articles for several magazines and is now a regular contributing editor for Air Brush Action. Steven is also gearing up to head his own airbrushing classes later this year. ....................Cali

02/05/03 "Vampire" added to the Guitar Gallery

The Latest News and Most Recent Work From SKC CUSTOMZ

Steven has been asked to be a contributing writer to Airbrush Action Magazine. Look for his first "How To: Paint a Guitar" in the next few months.

The Latest News and Most Recent Work From SKC CUSTOMZ

03/24/03 Jeff & Ellie's 1953 Chevy Truck added to Auto Gallery.

03/27/03 "XXX" Chopper added to Cycle Gallery (Tangelo Orange with Color shifting and marbelized flames.

04/20/03 Slade from Steady Grind's "Superman Guitar added to Guitar Gallery.

04/10/03 Pro Golfer "Bob May" 30' Eliminator Boat "Bad II The Bone" added to Boat Gallery and This Months "Custom of the Month"

SKC CUSTOMZ' work has been racking up the awards so far this year. Check out the Award Section.

06/20/03 Corvette Super Gas car added to auto gallery.

06/10/03 Brian Walter "Glow-In-The-Dark" Ghost Flames Guitar added to gallery.

07/20/03 New "How To Paint A Guitar added to website. Also "Kristen" guitar added to gallery.

07/05/03 "Vampire" and "Star/Space" added to guitar gallery

07/10/03 3 New "Adult" Toilet Seats added to gallery.

08/02/03 "Evil Clown" Deck Lids added to Boat Gallery.

08/12/03 Play Craft Pontoon Boat addd to gallery.

08/05/03 "Nuts In Your Mouth" helmet added to gallery.

08/16/03 "Transparent Flames/Skull" added to Harley Gallery.

08/20/03 "Sex & Death" guitar added to gallery.

08/25/03 "Becky's Throne" added to Toilet Seat gallery.

08/25/03 "Product Section" Updated. New Spray Guns.

09/08/03 "Weinerschnitzel" Harley added to gallery.

09/20/03 "KawaSEXY" added to Cycle Gallery.

09/20/03 "Custom Painted Shotguns" Front Page

09/20/03 New "Adults Only" Toilet Seat added to gallery.

09/20/03 "Looney Toons" Guitar added to gallery.

10/30/03 "Wizards" Van added to Auto Gallery. Plus a "How To" article written on this project.

11/15/03 Another harley done in tranparant flames "Red Road King"

12/20/03 "Skull/Flames" sandcar added to Off Road Gallery.

12/20/03 "Kong" added to Boat Gallery.

11/15/03 The first Craig Fraser class held at SKC Customz was a success. See the pics from the class and info on upcoming classes.

10/15/03 We've started painting shotguns. See sample pics. More to come.

1/20/04 SKC Customz/Steven Craig feature and first article in Airbrush Action Magazine.

How To's "Shotgun, Sandrail and Color Sanding & Buffing added to website.

1/25/04 "Spidergirl" Sandrail added to Off Road Gallery.

1/27/04 "Pos/Neg Flames" added to Cycle Gallery.

2/10/04 "Silver Tribal Flame" added to Off Road gallery.

2/26/04 "Hot Rod" Bass Boat added to Watercraft Gallery

2/26/04 "Green and Blue Flamey" added to Cycle Gallery.

3/25/04 "Mike Dixon's 40' Magic Boat" added to Watercraft Gallery.

4/07/04 "John Rup's Mangusbeast " added to Guitar Gallery.

4/07/04 "New Patriotc Twist " added to Guitar Gallery.

4/12/04 "Silver Flame " added to Off Road Gallery.

4/23/04 "Added SKC Racing pics to the "About Us" section.

5/5/04 "Chip Romars 28' Conquest Boat added to Watercraft Gallery.

5/7/04 "Flamed Jet Ski" added to Watercraft Gallery.

5/14/04" Steve and Denise Barkers "Jester" boat added to Watercraft Gallery.

6/14/04" Patriotic Twist" Jet Ski added to Watercraft Gallery.

6/25/04" Wicked Sensation" boat added to Watercraft Gallery.

7/03/04" "Mardi-Gra Helmets added to Helmet Gallery Gallery.

7/06/04" "Rebel Flag" Gun Stock added to Shotgun Gallery .

7/12/04" "LA Woman" added to Cycle Gallery.

7/28/04 SKC Customz/Steven Craig featured in Airbrush Action Magazine. "How To Paint Rifles"

6/5-6/04 The second Craig Fraser class held at SKC Customz was a success. See the pics from the class and info on upcoming classes.

7/26/04" "Updated Roadster" added to Auto Gallery.

7/26/04" "'47 Flamed Chevy" added to Auto Gallery.

8/10/04 " Something new" Airbrushed Bikini. More to come.

8/16/04 "Bob May's Bad II The Bone" Updated" See Boat Gallery.

09/17/04 Silver Flame/Marbalized Guitar added to Guitar Gallery.

09/17/04 "Shark" Sandrail added to Gallery.

09/17/04 New "Golf Club Gallery added to wesite.

10/03/04 "Rotting Flesh/Skull Desert Car added to Off Road Gallery.

10/10/04 "Flesh,Bone and Metal" Learn how to paint this in the "How To" section.


Yahoo Club

Metal Art
11/20/04 '39 Chevy added to Auto Gallery.
11/30/04 "Lightning" added to Harley Gallery.
12/15/04 "Tattoo Rodeo" added to Boat Gallery.
12/20/04 "Breast Cancer Awarness" Sea-Doo added to Boat Gallery.
01/10/05 ' More "Patriotic Twist Guns" added to Ahotgun Gallery.
01/13/05 "Nipple Bitting" Guitar added to Guitar Gallery.
02/20/05 "Lock 'Em Out" added to Off Road Gallery.
02/28/05 "Purple Tribal Truck" added to Off Road Gallery.
02/28/05 "Pinup" added to Panel Art  Gallery.
02/28/05 "Night Train" added to Harley Gallery.

08/01/05 "Mike Harrah's Dragster added to Auto Gallery.

08/01/05 "Pirate Ship" added to Boat Gallery.

08/01/05 "Mike Harrah's Funny Car added to Auto Gallery.

08/01/05 "Fighter Aircraft" added to Boat Gallery.

08/01/05 "Jack Daniels" added to Guitar  Gallery.

SKC CUSTOMZ - Hot Hues First Place Winner.

SKC CUSTOMZ - Matrix FX Grand Prize/ Calender Winner.